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Chile Publishes Official List of Classified Substances According to Their GHS Regulation

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September 7, 2021Robert GuitteauBlog

On Monday, 23 August 2021 Chile published Exempt Resolution No. 777 Approving the Official List of Classification of Substances, According to Article 6 of Supreme Decree No. 57 of 2019 (DS No. 57/2019) in the Official Bulletin. The approved list of classification of substances will be made available by the Ministry of Health and was not published in the Official Bulletin.

Verisk 3E Review 

Exempt Resolution No. 777 provides public notice that the Chilean Ministry of Health has approved the official list of classified substances as dictated by the DS No. 57/2019, Regulation on the Classification, Labeling and Notification of Dangerous Chemical Substances and Mixtures (GHS).

In consideration that the list consists of 718 pages, the Ministry of Health will make the list available on its website. As of this writing, there is no URL available.

Article 1 provides an explanation of the content of the table and a guide to its application.

The regulation states that the published list should be considered as a reference for the classification of chemical substances (Article 2), that substances not on the list should be classified as provided in Titles II and III of DS No. 57/2019 (Article 3), and that the classification of mixtures should be based on the classification of the listed substances, subject to DS 57/2019, Articles 6 and 7 on classification.

This regulation did not change the GHS implementation calendar. Below is the note from the 3E Monitor article from 12 February of this year about the GHS implementation:

"The GHS implementation timeline: this regulation will come into effect according to the following calendar (Title VIII):

  • Substances for industrial use—one year after publication on 9 February 2022
  • Substances of non-industrial use—two years after publication on 9 February 2023
  • Mixtures for industrial use—four years after publication on 9 February 2025
  • Mixtures of non-industrial use—six years after publication on 9 February 2027"

Verisk 3E Analysis 

Chemical producers and importers of substances and mixtures into Chile should be aware of the official list of classification of substances.






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