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MSDS Solutions

MSDS Solutions is now 3E Company Canada

3E Company acquired MSDS Solutions in August 2007. Both companies held strong positions in the MSDS and chemical management market. MSDS Solutions' multilingual technology and workforce provides 3E Company with additional opportunities for market expansion and globalization. The continued globalization of 3E Company's products and services will enable customers worldwide to optimize their regulatory compliance practices, reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies and better manage and mitigate corporate risk.

MSDS Solutions brings a powerful combination of leading-edge technology and a highly successful, subscription-based ASP business model to the acquisition. With one of the leading MSDS document management operations in the industry, MSDS Solutions offers 3E Company a robust set of innovative technology, efficient tools and processes, and a highly qualified workforce. By joining forces, they deliver market leadership, providing comprehensive global MSDS management solutions to meet the MSDS and chemical management needs of companies of all sizes and industries across the globe.

You can read the press release here.

To learn more about MSDS Solutions, visit their website at www.msdssolutions.com.